Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coweta Flood Update / Road / Bridge Status

Update on Chattahoochee situation

The information below comes from Jay Jones, Coweta County’s Director of Emergency Management -

“I met with GDOT officials this morning at the Hwy 16 Chattahoochee Bridge. They advised that the bridge would remain open and the water level had dropped almost 12 inches. They were pulling the crew off of the site and moving them to Franklin at Hwy 34 and the Chattahoochee River as it intersects there. They will be back periodically throughout the day to check on the bridge. Debris has accumulated near Franklin and may cause the river to back up some, but it is unknown, how much it will affect the level of the river. The level at 7:15 am this morning showed the level at 28.99 ft.

Also- Hwy 34 in Franklin is closed and a detour has been set up. The detour is as follows – take PeaRidge Road at the elementary school to Hwy 27 to get around the Hwy 34 bridge at Franklin.”

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