Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Professional Truck Drivers Provide Life Saving Advice During Winter Weather

/PRNewswire/ -- With extreme winter weather blanketing the nation, and the promise of fresh snowstorms during the busy holiday travel season, million mile accident-free professional truck drivers are taking the opportunity to share their experience and help make our roads safer.

Drivers from the Share the Road national highway safety program offer this advice on how to navigate through highway traffic and arrive at your destination safely:

-- Avoid extreme weather conditions: Ice, hail and snow make roads
difficult to travel. Try to avoid driving through extreme weather
conditions, and travel during daylight.
-- Remove ice and snow from your vehicle: Clear your windows and roof of
snow to ensure you have maximum visibility and avoid creating a hazard
for the vehicle behind you. Don't allow ice and snow to create
additional blindspots on your vehicle.
-- Be aware of the vehicle in front of you: Leave extra room between you
and the vehicle in front so you can avoid snow and ice blowing onto
your windshield or maneuver around patches of ice.
-- Prepare an emergency kit: Contents should include: battery powered
radio, flashlight, blanket, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, first
aid kit, bottled water, non-perishable foods, maps, tire repair kit
and flares.
-- Be aware of truck blind spots: When sharing the road with large
trucks, be aware of their blind spots. If you can't see the truck
driver in his or her mirrors, then the truck driver can't see you.
-- Do not cut in front of large trucks: Remember that trucks are heavier
and take longer to make a complete stop, so avoid cutting quickly in
front of them.
-- Slow Down: When highways are hit with wintry conditions, speeding
becomes even more dangerous. Allow plenty of space cushion and reduce
your speed.
-- Buckle up: Safety belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45 percent
and are a simple way to increase your safety on the road.

"Highway travel is challenging when you add wintry conditions such as ice, snow and slush," said Share the Road professional driver Gary Leu. "Remember to take it slow, stay alert and buckle up if you need to travel during less than ideal conditions. By being patient we can all share the highway and stay safe this winter."

Share the Road is a highway safety outreach program of the American Trucking Associations that educates all drivers about sharing the roads safely with large trucks. An elite team of professional truck drivers with millions of accident-free miles deliver life-saving messages to millions of motorists annually. The safety program is sponsored by Mack Trucks, Inc. and Michelin North America, Inc.

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